Jeffrey Klum, Architect


This rambling farmhouse design was created for a family moving to Michigan from Chicago. Traditional forms juggled whimsically at once make you feel comfortable, but then the modern, fun interior takes advantage of all the marvels a house can present. This project was a design study for a customer of RayMar Homes, and was designed to be a barrier free home for the family.

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These first two images are renderings of a SketchUp model I created for the clients. The photorealism, the ability to spin the model and make it viewable from all angles is a fantastic tool to help visualization.

Private Residence north side elevation
Private Residence east side elevation

Design Development elevations showing study of different roof slopes, and a breezeway connection to the garage.

Private Residence south side elevation
Private Residence west side elevation

Design Development elevations of the rear and right side of this modern farmhouse project.

Private Residence main floor plan

The floor plans are centered around a great room theme, with the arrangement responding to site amenities and sun angles. The master suite is on the main floor and kids bedrooms are on the second floor.

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This story and a half concept makes for wonderful 'nooks and crannies' in the upper levels and keeps the overall height of the building to a manageable dimension.

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Note the play lofts above the boys bedrooms that access a common game room up above.

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