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Greetings! I am an easy-to-talk-to seasoned architect, consultant and builder. I've proudly created everything from pig barns to large waterfront homes, always with a focus on user delight regardless of the scope of the project. I enjoy using the tools and electronics that provide easy and fun 2D & 3D visualization, and I take pride in producing drawings and models that bring the project to visible life for the customer and constructor. Contractor friendly, I know the trials of being a builder, having general contracted many projects.

I came to West Michigan by way of Seattle, Washington where I became a registered architect in 1980. I've been in the Grand Rapids area since 1988, obtaining my builder's license in 1991. My passion and concentration has always been and continues to be high quality residential and small commercial architecture, new or remodeled.

What inspires me about my work? The challenges of a difficult site, tight budget constraints, repurposing a small home for a growing family are a few examples of challenges I delight in. Tell me your hopes and dreams and together we'll find an innovative, just-right solution.

Grand Rapids MI | 616 949 6881 | [email protected]

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