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The first phase of our work together is data collection and preliminary design. I'll interview you, ask questions and take in any information you have compiled regarding your hopes and dreams for your new project. With that info at my disposal, I will prepare schematic floor plans, hand drawn to scale, that propose a spatial arrangement for you to react to. These early sketches are just idea cartoons, giving you my best thoughts on how your project might be laid out.

Preliminary main floor plan for a home

This is a preliminary main floor plan for a home with a public access home office (seen here next to the garage). The living space is very open, with views out to the west over a proposed pool. Level changes allow a hierarchy of communication, with perhaps the kitchen as the focal point of the plan.

Preliminary second floor plan for a home

Second floor preliminary study for the same project. Note the kid oriented world suggested here! Jack & Jill bedrooms each share bathrooms; the kids have their own laundry, and the common playroom has views down to the pool. A second story screened sleeping porch is proposed over the screened porch below.

Preliminary exterior study for a home

A quick exterior study to explore the structural possibilities... ordered rooflines and gables give power to the concepts of 'Enter Here' and 'Wonder what's in there'!

Preliminary main floor plan for a larger home east of Grand Rapids

Another preliminary main floor plan for a larger home east of Grand Rapids. Local car collector wanted an elegant axial plan that gave visitors a formal, but fun statement upon entering the highly wooded property

Preliminary floor plan for a Wisconsin home

Preliminary floor plan for a Wisconsin home for a growing family, this again uses open spaces with level changes and ceiling variations contributing to the definition of space.

Home with ice rink

New home for a local athletic family... note the rink in the side yard!

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