Jeffrey Klum, Architect


I designed and general contracted this Craftsman Style facility for a new golf course northwest of Grand Rapids. With a wonderfully generous budget, the clubhouse and surrounding support structures enjoy wonderful stone support structures, clear cedar trim and cedar shingle siding. It remains a very comfortable place to enjoy the great game.

Pilgrim's Run Entry

Entry kiosk at Pilgrim's Run Golf Club

Pilgrim's Run Clubhouse

The Clubhouse, sided in cedar shingles and trimmed in clear cedar boards. Stone base, comfy.

Pilgrim's Run From Putting Green

View from the putting green.

Pilgrim's Run From 9th Green

View from short of the 9th green, the sprawling clubhouse with the cart barn beyond.

Pilgrim's Run Check-In

Retail space, with check-in desk beyond. Lofty, comfortable space.

Pilgrim's Run Roof Detail

Entry roof detail, clubhouse. Cart barn beyond.

Pilgrim's Run Floor Plan

The Main Floor Plan. My good friend and co-conspirator Kris Shumaker had a lot to do with this. Kris was the course designer/superintendant and owner's rep for the project.

Pilgrim's Run Construction Drawing

Original construction drawing, it's what I do.

Pilgrim's Run West Elevation

The west elevation. Every architect should have at least one project this fun!

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